Since 2007, LBNCo has been building and operating Open Access Networks across all major cities in Australia. As the country’s first Fibre to the Home operator, LBNCo has unparalleled experience in building and managing voice and data networks; having connected state-of-the-art access networks to over 70,000 homes and businesses ranging from multi-dwelling units, broad-acre developments and retirement living communities.

With over 20 years’ experience delivering mission critical systems to customers throughout Australia, LBNCo’s pedigree is the design, implementation and management of these systems for our corporate and wholesale partners. Following installation of the LBNCo network, our ongoing service packages are rolled out and operated by our growing network of reputable Retail Service Providers (RSP’s).

LBNCo is dedicated to building a world-class future-proof, private fibre network; delivering the best in Smart Building Connectivity. LBNCo joined Uniti Group in 2019.